We are a store specializing in the wholesale of pearl jewelry. We have been engaged in the wholesale pearl industry for 30 years.We have a professional team, will attentively serve every customer.

now our pearls are getting prettier and prettier every year.  I hope all female friends in the world can have such beautiful pearls, this is my dream. Why a woman must have a string of pearls of her own, because pearls from a long time ago  have been compared to virtue, love, wisdom, justice  incarnation.Every age and every culture has also expressed its admiration for pearls. Wearing pearls is not just for decorative purposes.There are many health care functions,  with  skin contact by the human body  absorption, can enhance immunity, resistance to  bacterial diseases and so on. So if there's one piece of jewelry every woman needs it's pearls. So you have to put a string of pearls in your trinket case 

A Pearl pendant

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  • We wholesale at source

    We have our own breeding base, each pearl is carefully selected, pearls are divided into a lot of kinds, quality good pearl the price will be higher and higher, our price is much cheaper than on the market a lot, the same quality we sell price, is expected to be sold commercially is five times higher, because we are the primary source, belongs to the wholesale price. Click to buy

  • Daily Precautions

    Pearl is a kind of organic gem with life, so special attention should be paid to its maintenance. Unlike gold or silver, pearl is a jewelry with life, so we need to take care of it daily.

  • Best Gift options

    Pearls can be given to your girlfriend on her birthday, and pearls can also be given to your loved ones and family as holiday gifts on Christmas.You can also buy them for your busy