About pearls

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone. In the international gemstone world, pearls are listed as lucky stones for June births and commemorative stones for thirteenth and thirty-year wedding anniversaries. Pearls with magnificent colors and elegant temperament represent a person's rights and status and symbolize health, auspiciousness, purity, wealth, and happiness. Most people have loved pearls since ancient times. Pearls are divided into freshwater pearls and seawater pearls, as well as white, pink, light yellow, light green, lavender, gray, black, gold, and other different colors, of which white is the main one.
Because pearls are the product of natural growth, their shape, size, color, and appearance will vary.
Pearl has always been a kind of jewelry that women like, and its charm is far more than gold and silver. If a woman can only own one piece of jewelry in her life, it must be a pearl.

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