How to distinguish true and false pearls

How to distinguish true and false pearls

Pearls have always been the favorite of many women, and pearl jewelry is a magic weapon to enhance their temperament. No matter the age, they will have a soft spot for pearls. With the rise of the pearl boom, there are more and more pearl jewelry and products on the market, and there are endless layers of fake pearls. But I don't know about pearls, and I'm terrified of buying fake pearls. This article will explain to you what are the characteristics of natural pearls and how we can identify genuine and fake pearls.
First, we must understand what types of fake pearls are currently on the market to quickly identify which ones are fake. The so-called fake pearls refer to imitations made in whole or in part, and substitutes, because of their robust simulation. Often results in a chaotic situation that is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Currently, the most common fake pearls on the market mainly include wax-filled glass imitation beads, solid glass imitation beads, plastic-coated imitation beads, mother-of-pearl imitation beads, and shell powder pressed synthetic imitation beads. After knowing the types of fake pearls, the following consumers can check the authenticity of pearls according to several identification methods provided by the editor.
1: Look at the shape, observe the pearl directly with the naked eye, and distinguish it by its color, shape, size, and luster of the pearl. Naturally formed pearls are not the same in shape and size. Pearls are the only living organic gemstones in the world and are a product of nature, so each pearl looks different.
2: Friction method, you can rub two pearls against each other. If it is a natural pearl, it will feel a little rough. If you use a little force, you can rub out the pearl powder and then wipe off the pearl powder with your hands. The pearl will return to its original appearance. The fake pearls are easy to slip when rubbed, there is no matte feeling, and at the same time, the pearl powder will not be rubbed out.
3: Knife scraping method, use a knife or scissors to scrape on the surface of the pearl gently; if it is a natural pearl, some pearl powder will fall off, while a fake pearl will scrape up a layer of film and then expose the glass.
4: Looking at the texture, natural pearls have a cold feeling to the touch, and the hand feel is very delicate, and it is also very relaxed and comfortable after wearing. The fake pearl texture is smooth to the touch and easy to slip, and the temperature will change with the environment.
5: Burning, burn the pearl in an open flame. If it is a natural pearl, it will not have any peculiar smell. It is prone to blackening, but the surface will return to its original state immediately after wiping. The fake pearls are prone to peculiar smell, lackluster, and will not return to their original state after being burnt out.
6: Hydrochloric acid, drop a few drops of hydrochloric acid solution on the surface of the pearl. A chemical reaction and some bubbles will be produced if it is a natural pearl, while the fake pearl will not react.
7: Look at the pearl hole; the natural real pearl hole is more natural, looks neat, and the edge part is also apparent. The fake pearl holes are like marks of artificial polishing, similar to the feeling of coating, and look very rough.
The above are several methods to identify the authenticity of pearls. I do not recommend inspecting by yourself. The main reason is that we are not professionals and may cause damage to pearls. If you want to check the authenticity, it is recommended to send it to jewelry. Inspection by an identification agency.
In short, the color of the real pearl is very natural, its luster comes from the inside, and it looks crystal clear. Looking closely at its surface, we can see its luster is layered and sometimes ringed. Natural pearls generally have minor imperfections because perfect pearls are so rare.

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