Pearl care and precautions

Pearl care and precautions

Pearl is a kind of living gemstone. It looks round and delicate on the outside, just like a girl. It needs careful care and maintenance to stay young. The same is true for pearls, which also require careful maintenance to prolong their life. Otherwise, it will turn yellow and turn yellow over time. This is why the so-called pearls will turn yellow when they grow old. Pearls are used as a metaphor for the passing youth and the faded face, so to make pearls last longer, we need careful maintenance and maintenance. The ingredient of pearls is calcium carbonate, which has poor chemical stability. Therefore, in daily life, try not to contact perfumes, cosmetics, cleaning agents, oil stains, salt and alcohol. It is best not to wear it when you sweat a lot in summer. If you wear it when you are sweating, you should wipe the pearl with a clean cloth dampened with water when you are not wearing it at night and then dry it.
How to save:
1: When the pearls are not worn,pay attention to storing the pearls in a dry , cool and breathable place. Pearls are organic gemstones. If the storage environment is humid, problems such as deterioration, humidity and mildew will easily occur.
2: Pearls cannot be stored in jewellery boxes or safes for a long time, let alone sealed in plastic bags. It would help if you allowed pearls to breathe fresh air.
3: Pearls are best worn or stored separately to avoid contact with other jewellery with high hardness so that the epidermis of pearls is easily scratched. Some clothing materials are too rough and easy to cross the pearl skin, so it is best to put it on a soft cloth when storing.
4: If you want the brightness of pearls to remain longer, you can clean up the pearls regularly. If the pearl is not worn for a long time, it is normal to have powder on the surface. Don't worry too much; wipe it with a damp cloth. Pearls will gradually turn yellow over time. This is also a natural phenomenon. It can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide, but you should pay attention not to over-bleach. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect.
1: Don't touch the water when wearing pearl jewellery.Although pearls and water are closely related , they fear water after making them into jewellery. Therefore, when taking a bath or other water activities, you must remove the pearls first. Keep in a dry place. Do not bathe or swim with pearls on.
2: Pearls are very afraid of stains. It is recommended not to go to the kitchen when wearing pearls in daily life. Pearls cannot inhale oily substances in the air. Note that pearls should not come into contact with acid-base chemicals, such as perfumes, cosmetics and soaps. Pearls should not be washed directly with water, nor should they be exposed to sweat. After water enters the pearl holes,it is not only difficult to wipe dry but also may cause corrosion ; will make it yellow in color, will lose its luster and attractive color.
3: The texture of pearls is relatively soft. Be careful not to wear them together with hard accessories when wearing them. When pearls and hard accessories are worn together, they will collide and rub against each other, which will cause the pearl skin to be scratched.

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